Saturday, May 12, 2012


Friday Fictioneers 5/11/12
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Lying alongside her in the dry grass washed away his fears like the rain that was sure to fall tomorrow would rinse an entire summer’s arid dust from the leaves of his crops. That golden halo augured reprise from a drought that threatened his and everyone’s harvest. The moonlight danced on her face, radiating hope and courage and satisfaction. It had been eight years, to the day, that he had lost his beloved Sasha in the flash flood. Work had become his lifeblood. He had avoided others, erecting a barren cocoon of isolation. Until now.

Tears welled. He softly cried.


  1. Water and drought, change and barren isolation and back to change with water. Wow. Well done.


  2. The line that struck me was...,'erecting a barren cacoon of isolation'...until now. Wow! I love the idea that he's found someone again and not ashamed to show his soft and vulnerable side. One of my favs this week. Here's mine:

  3. Gee, such a sweet tale, and you are right about the moon, that does mean rain. This so reminded me of those hot dry summers up in that hell hole we used to love... that awful dust on the leaves...
    good show,